How to Flirt With A Woman- 4 Effective Tips

How to Flirt With A Woman- 4 Effective Tips

The best way to let a woman know you are attracted to her is by flirting with her. Once you master the art of flirting, meeting women and keeping them fascinated is quite easy. Most guys tend to over complicate this process or believe you need to be a celebrity or have lots of money to be successful with women and that is just not true.

The average woman is not going to put herself out there and risk being rejected without some type of assurance that you are into her. Flirting is a great way to let her know you are interested. In this article, we will provide you with the most effective tips on how to flirt with a woman.

How To Flirt With A Woman Tip # 1: Compliment her

When complimenting her, a good approach is to start off lightly. Women are aware of the one liners and semi offensive comments like “looking good baby or “You must be tired because you have been running through my mind all day.” Not only are these lines played out, but women are just tired of hearing them. Saying something you heard an actor say in a movie just makes her think you are lame for even trying it.

A better approach is to compliment her on those small details – which often go unnoticed – either in her behavior or her outfit. “That’s a nice top” or “I like your hair” is okay, but “I like how your eye shadow matches with your purple outfit” is rather thoughtful, and makes you stand out from most guys. When you compliment her this way, you are also sparking her interest and she is more likely to respond to you positively.

2. Hold eye contact with her.

You can stir feelings of attraction by just using your eyes. When you make eye contact with a girl for the first time, there is that electrifying feeling that you experience. However, you might want to lock eyes with her in a way that does not seem creepy. She will find you creepy if you just stand there and glare at her without blinking. Instead, give her a soft and relaxed gaze. While you are looking deep into her eyes, make sure to smile a little. In order to make the look more charming and inviting, the trick is to smile using your eyes. Remember, you will not get a good reaction if you fail to smile.

3. Initiate contact

If you wish to intensify the vibe with a girl you’ve just met or one that you already like, you might want to take things to the next level by teasing her playfully. First, keep in mind, playful teasing a girl builds the right sexual tension. It shows you are a confident man and one who is also fun. To do this, you have to get closer to her.

Come up with excuses to touch her or hug her if you must. Tell her “Good Job” and give her a high five or a hug. Be sure to keep the touching G rated if you do not know her very well.Touching her hair is kind of non-threatening and you can go for it. Alternatively, you can rub her gently on the arms or or lower back.

4. Winking at her

For most people, winking is not something that comes up naturally. Winking is an art that you should learn. A wink is a flirtatious sign gesturing that you are attracted to someone. If done to strangers, and combined with a warm smile, the wink is often seen as genuine. It is a seductive sign of sexual allurement.

5. Checking her out

To check her body out, you have to do it in a proper manner. The idea is to make her feel flattered because you noticed her physique. To do this, hold eye contact, then swiftly dart your eyes downwards and then upwards as if scanning her body, and then look make eye contact again. This should happen within a split of a second, and do it with boldness.

When it comes to flirting with women, there are distinct flirting zones. For instance, during the initial presence, you start out with flirting lightly and then you advance to physical flirting, once she is comfortable with you. After you’ve initiated these two flirting levels, you might also want to try verbal flirting.

Once you have acquired a certain comfort level your verbal flirting will start to evolve. That’s when you want to say something that is more over-the-top – something a bit more intense like “I enjoy watching you in that dress, it makes your ass looks great.” The sexual tension between you rises as the flirting becomes more intense. Utilize this opportunity to your advantage and make sure to apply it in the right context.

If she reacts well to your light and physical flirting, you can take it a notch higher by moving on to sexual flirting. Generally, you are the one to set the bar on how far you want to go. Even so, begin with the light flirting just to spark her interest – but if wish to go all the way, just do the damn thing.