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Privacy Notice

We believe that the security of customer Paramount, the following is a summary of our security policy, but if you have any questions, please contact our customer service. They give us the security and confidentiality of the storage can be detected, and in accordance with this privacy policy fair and lawful processing of personal information

We have appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of your personal data, including your encrypted information acquired applicable industry standards.

When you visit our site, we can your account settings required for settlement, the supply of goods and the purpose of your inquiries, to collect some personal information. We keep your information only as long as necessary to process your order, to deal with any applicable refund no complaints / feedback or respond to your advertising information, which you have subscribed.

Under normal circumstances we have not received your financial information on our secure card processing agent is supplied directly and deal with it on our behalf.

We provide electronic information that you give us express, give your information to have to deliver your order

If your data with us, you will need for future promotions and discount options to subscribe. You can e-mail our customer service this unsubscribe at any time post

Our website can last user to identify with cookies. Cookies to personalize your visit to our website to suit your personal preferences. You can set, disable the cookies by changing your Internet.

This site contains links to other websites have their own privacy policies, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of these sites.

If you do not stop your information provide to us, the risks that are connected to the internet useful, so, and contact us for any information that you will lose, unless we have our duty of care, you violated responsible.

If you use your personal information on our privacy policy or have any questions, please contact us

Cookie Policy
This policy explains what cookies, how we use it and how to turn it off.

1. How do we use cookies
We use our own and third-party cookies cookie combination to improve your browsing experience and more effective to make our website function. Specifically, we use cookies:
It allows you to set up an account, orders and payments;
Remember, if your cart items;
I remember that you are looking for so you can easily and quickly get back to you looking at a project in front of the project;
Improve your shopping experience.

2. What are cookies?
Cookies are small files stored (eg computer, tablet or mobile phone) to your Internet browser. Cookies do not store any of your personal information such as credit card information, your name or date of birth.

3. What kinds of cookies?
Our site uses a session cookie and permanent cookie. From your session cookie to log on to the website, until you unsubscribe from the moment of instant action. The session cookie when you log out deleted. Cookie not be permanently removed after each session.

Cookie is absolutely necessary for our website if they are disabled, your experience on our site may be interrupted, you can not be able to use the shopping cart or payment.

Performance cookies collect anonymous data visitors. We use the information to improve your future and identify issues our users might encounter.

Feature cookies the appearance and the look of our site. For example, a function of cookies will remember your username and language settings for the next visit.

Cookie passed positioning or advertising that is tailored to your ad network activity. Targeting cookies to your clicks, and our website, and your clicks, such as detailed information with other organizations to share advertisers. The cookie can also help to measure the effectiveness of the campaign us.

Cookie can be approved on site by our foreign institutions in this website.

4. If I disable cookies What will happen?
If you disable or delete cookies, you may not be able to go shopping or visit a major part of our site. For more information about cookies, including information on how to change your browser's settings, turn off cookies description, can be far online.

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