The Tao Of Badass PDF- The Guide To Getting Any Woman

The Tao Of Badass PDF- The Guide To Getting Any Woman

What Is The Tao of Badass PDF (Keep Reading To Learn How Can You Get it FREE?)

If you are a man in the search for a woman, but you don’t know how to approach women, there are ways to learn everything step-by-step. You are in luck, because some of the guys who are already experienced with women have shared their knowledge for helping guys like you. Many times such guides seem controversial, but there is a reason for

how to save a marriage when he wants out

. In order to succeed in their dating efforts, men need to change their perspective on women and apply some techniques that are not always the most orthodox. You can learn everything you need to learn about dating women the proper way from this pdf guide called The Tao of Badass, which is sold on Clickbank.

Who Is the Author?
Joshua Pellicer

The Tao of Badass pdf is a popular guide for picking up women that was developed and published by Joshua Pellicer. Joshua is a writer and a dating coach known all over the world. Pellicer has also worked as a cosmetics consultant. He has put together a series of tips and tricks that could help men to seduce any woman. Joshua has gained a good reputation in the last four years in the dating niche. His guide has become so popular that he decided to establish a company called The Tao of Badass Inc. Because of his huge success, Joshua was invited in numerous shows on the television and the radio.

Before the success story of Pellicer began, the guy was just a normal citizen of Florida, where he has been through the first relationship failure as a teenager. This failure is the starting point of his quest for understanding the mind and the behavior of women. He started dating a lot, for accumulating experience. He also did a lot of research in the relationships niche. Right now, Joshua is a dating coach and has an approach to women that goes beyond the regular methods of picking up.

Who Is the Product For?

The product is good for any man who has difficulties approaching women, no matter what the reason is. A good example of such an individual is a man who just got out of a long relationship started around the age of twenty and has no experience with other women. When a guy gets out of a long term relationship, he soon realizes that starting another relationship and even flirting with other women are not easy thing to do.

The program is also for men who were never into a relationship of any kind, because they are shy, they have social anxiety, or they simply don’t know how to approach women. From lonely guys, they can become men that women love to have around if they read Joshua’s guide. On the other hand, the guide is definitely not for men who want to use it just to manipulate women. If you are experienced with women, you may already know some of the techniques included in the guide.

Product Details

tao of badass complete system

The Tao of Badass pdf is an ebook that contains a lot tips in the following formats: video, audio and text. When you acquire the product, you get an ebook of more than 150 pages in the pdf format and an audiobook version. You also receive 50 minutes of video training, a 5 week Body Language Mastery Course, a Subliminal Inner Confidence Audio Album and the so called Hacking Attraction Video Course. The commentary audio files (mp3) contain commentaries made by Joshua as he is reading the guide. Subliminal mp3’s are meant for listening in the background, as they can address the subconscious part of the brain. They can boost the confidence of the listener.

The guide is well structured, starting with an Introduction of about 10 pages and having a 10 pages conclusion in the end. Introduction and Conclusion are just the first and the last modules from a total of 10 modules, on a total of 152 pages. Bonus materials are also offered. Here is a small summary of each module:

Introduction: This short chapter is meant as an opening to the guide. It explains how a man can become a complete Badass in his interaction with hot women and why the course is useful for men.

The Gender Roles: The second chapter is dedicated to understating the role of each gender and its important connection with seduction. It reveals the reasons for which a beautiful woman expects to have a partner who is sensible, confident and permanent.

Understanding Confidence: In the third chapter, men learn how to be confident, because women like confident men. You learn everything step-by-step: becoming confident, maintaining this state and dealing with complex situations.

The Approach: In this chapter, men learn how to approach a woman who is a complete stranger and how to keep the fear of rejection under control.

Testing Time For You: This is the shortest chapter, as it only has 6 pages. It reveals the testing behavior of a woman, a pattern that sometimes women are not even aware of. Women always test men when they talk to them and men who pass the test are considered good candidates for a relationship.

-The Tao System: The chapter is very long, as there are 80 pages dedicated to it. In this chapter, you will find proven methods of seduction that you can use in your own attempts of picking up women. Everything you need about seduction is included in this module.

-Reading Body Language: The seventh chapter teaches you about body language and is quite long (25 pages). If a man can read the body language of a woman, communicating with her becomes a lot easier. There are 10 signals to look for, as they can tell you if the woman is attracted to you or not.

-Creating Love: This is a crucial part of the guide, because it shows you how to create attraction.

-The Big Mistakes Men Make: The top ten mistakes made by men when they are dating women are listed in this chapter. It is enough for just one of these mistakes to be made and your chances of being accepted by a woman decrease dramatically.

-Conclusion: The last module is the conclusion of all that you have learned in the guide.

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The techniques that men will be able to use after reading the guide are unique. A man has to be original when he talks to a woman, but not fake. You have the freedom of being yourself, but you have to try to be as funny as possible. Women love funny guys. If you cannot be funny, your chances of picking up women are very low. Don’t tell her everything about you, because women are intrigued and attracted at the same time by a mysterious guy. It is also important to know how to talk to a woman. As a conclusion, there are four secrets of successfully approaching women:

-conversation skills

According to the guide, it doesn’t matter if you are naturally attractive or not, as you can use the techniques to make yourself wanted. You can become that type of guy that all women want to have as a partner. Even men who are shy can find this program useful. The truth is women choose who they date according to certain principles. First you learn how to be an attractive man, then you learn how to approach a woman the right way and then you learn how to read the body language of a woman, in order to know if she is interested or not.

After you learn the approach, you will also find out about the “map of interaction”. It has 4 different phases:

-attraction: Attraction is built by having a fun conversation, using banter lines and avoiding any bragging. You will get a list of questions that can be asked to build attraction.

-rapport: If you want to meet the woman again, you will have to build a strong rapport. Joshua provides techniques for this purpose. If you use them, you will be surprised how warm the messages you receive from her the next day will be.

-seduction: Seduction is the most exciting part of the four. Joshua teaches you how to prepare the ground for the first kiss, for helping you not to get rejected. You will be able to avoid what is called “the red zone’’ of a woman. Women can snap out of the seduction state if “the red zone” is reached.

-relationship balance: This is the final phase. It is useful for men who want a long term relationships, as this is the status in which you build a strong bond with the woman. Relationship balance is also good for people who often get into the friend zone with women and they don’t know why.


-The Tao of Badass pdf is an amazing product for beginners in the art of dating, but also for everyone else.
-A lot of content is provided in the guide.
-Some bonus materials are offered with the product.
-The information contained in the guide is easy to follow and apply.
-Samples of roles that men can play are presented in the program.
-The package provides great value for the money you spend.
-The techniques are presented in a great way, with lots of resources.
-By the time you finish the guide, you will know exactly what women want from a man.
-Instead of being focused on picking up women, this guide goes beyond and is very detailed.
-The modules of the guide are really interesting to read.
-If you are not into reading, the audiobook version will surely be enjoyable for you.
-More than 100,000 men are using this product already.
-You learn how to read the body language of a woman.
-The concepts used in the book are universal, which means that they can be used by any man.
-Once you buy the product, you can benefit from great customer support.

-The audio commentary is simply amazing.

-You get six bonus materials when you purchase the product.


-Because of the controversy of the techniques used in the guide, the product may not be for anyone.
-There is so much information that it can be overwhelming for some people to go through all of it.
-The techniques presented in the guide may not be enough for very experienced men.

Does the Guide Really Work?

Yes, The Tao of Badass pdf really works and this is the reason for which the guide is so successful. In the Introduction, there are real names of people mentioned as happy users. The techniques presented in the guide may be controversial, but they are proven to work. It is known that hot girls are attracted to bad boys. Have you wondered why bad boys always get the most girls? You don’t have to be a bad boy, but you can borrow their attitude and their charm. This is what you actually learn in the guide.

Price and Return Policy

tao of badass discount

The product costs $67 and is not expensive considering the bonus materials that you get for free. You will be able to learn all the secrets of attraction and seduction, so this amount of money is worth spending. If you are still in doubt, there is a 60 days money back guarantee feature that helps you to get your money back if you are not fully pleased of the product. The money will be returned to you without any questions being asked. Once you make the payment, you will gain access to the membership area of the program, where you will find all the content and bonus materials from the package.

Verdict and Conclusion

If you really want to be attractive for any woman and find the woman of your dreams, The Tao of Badass pdf is the ultimate guide to use. Joshua Pellicer’s product offers great value for the money and there are many users of it already. This program is the first one to be a complete guide for seduction, in which men can find all the details and steps necessary for starting a successful dating life and maybe a long term relationship. As you can see, there are so many benefits for men who decide to buy this product that the cons can be neglected. The system can teach men how to deal with women from the starter level to the advanced levels.

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